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Dataatti assists in developing modern applications and websites for your company. Our specialty is user-driven software to make everyday business easier. We don’t think anyone should spend time on manual work that could be automated with software.


Software development

We can assist in software development from the ideation stage all the way to maintenance. We offer turnkey solutions so that the customer can focus on their own special expertise. We do software development in a user-oriented manner to ensure the finished product serves its users in the best possible way. We make software success through comprehensive user research and continuous validation.

Operation modernization

Are IT solutions unfamiliar to your business? Do you feel the need for digital transformation but don't know where to start from? We help you with needs assessment which allows us to find the correct solutions for the challenges. By using already available solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace brilliant results can be achieved in a cost effective way.

Mobile applications

Nowadays over half the people using internet are using mobile devices. Mobile application reaches users without a hassle and keeps the service in the user's mind. With modern tools, like PWA, development of mobile applications is really cost effective and fast.

Turku City Hackathon winners, Dataatti


Dataatti is Turku based company specialized in software development. Dataatti offers user orientated software solutions, that aims to ease clients everyday life. Our team is young and innovative: Dataatti actually got founded after winning Turku city hackathon. We have comprehensive expertise in many areas and we are constantly following new trends in the industry.

Meet our team

Our team of young and passionate professionals is always willing to help with every problem.

Matias Lappalainen

Matias Lappalainen

Founder, CTO

Matias is an adventurous software developer. He seeks adrenaline from various extreme sports such as snowboarding. Matias has worked extensively on a variety of software projects through which he has learned to understand the needs of his clients.

Petro Silenius

Petro Silenius

Founder, CEO

Petro is an active guy who rarely goes speechless. He is always enthusiastic to answer customer needs by developing user-driven solutions.

Aleksi Väisänen

Aleksi Väisänen

Founder, COO

Aleksi is an energetic guy who likes to balance coding with jogging. Aleksi has a background with health technologies and ship building, which has helped him to broaden his problem solving skills.

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